Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Things We Love...Vol. I

Once people find out that we have twins, the most popular question is, “How much harder is it with twins?” Our most popular response?

We don’t know how easy it is with just one baby.

Parents of singletons please do not attack me for saying “easy”. We’re all on the same team here.

I know when I was an expectant parent; I probed other parents as to what baby items worked for them. As most people will you, everything is an experiment. What may work for my kids may make your kids kick and scream. Alas, here is a list of what has got us through the past 2 and half months. I should also mention, I am not listing these for any promotional deals. Just keepin’ it real.

1. Fisher Price Hoppy Days Bouncer (x 2)

These little gems are like crack for my little ones! Olivia and Ethan have been using these since we got home from the hospital. At the beginning, it was a place for them to snooze and we could move them to where we needed to be in the house. As of late, they have enjoyed the “friends” dangling in front of them and listening to the little music diddy that plays. Ethan has a touch of the colic, so being able to bounce him during those horrendous three hours has been a lifesaver! Olivia loves the massage feature.

2. Graco Twin Bassinet/Pack N Play

For anyone that has a multi-level house, this is definitely a must have! We keep ours on our bottom floor better known as our living area. It’s so nice to have an option to put them down when the phone rings or when the laundry needs to be switched over. Only downfall? It only comes in one pattern and it’s definitely not as cute as some of those single ones out there.

3. The Boppy (x2)

Some people scoffed when I registered for these, as I chose not to breastfeed. But thanks to avid blog follower, friend and fellow mom to twins, Jessica, I quickly learned how to feed both my kids at the same time.

4. Sassy Formula Dispenser (x 4)

Good friend and author of The Baby Luc and With a Little Luc, Tiff, got me these for my baby shower. Sweet Baby Jesus, we love these. We fill them up with the babies’ formula, so when we’re making bottles with one open at 4:00 AM, no measuring is required. Obviously, also works great with travel!

5. Itzbeen Baby Care Timer (x 2)

Recommended by a friend of the babies’ Uncle Greg, the Itzbeen has revolutionized our world. With a quick hit of a button, you can time the last diaper change, last feeding, sleep times or create your own button (we used ours for poop. Yes, I just said poop.) Sure, you can just write all these down, but sometimes a free hand is just not available. Our proudest Itzbeen moment was towards the beginning and we’d hear a cry in the middle of the night and automatically go into bottle mode. With the help of the Itzbeen, we were able to say, “It’s only been an hour” and learned that they were just fussing and we able to get some more sleep. Also, with the kids going to their babysitters’ houses, it’s good to keep up with them without asking our sitters to write everything down. Love you, Itzbeens!!!

6. Diaper Genie II Elite Disposal System. Enough said!

7. Boudreaux’s Butt Paste

If you can get past the name, stuff works like a charm. Once we see a bit of diaper rash rearing its ugly head, we apply the paste and it’s instant relief for the babies. Get the large tub!

8. Especially for Baby Disposable Diaper Bags

These little scented bags are great for when you are not close to your diaper disposal system. Like I said before, our living area is on the third floor of our house, whereas, the Diaper Genie is in the babies’ room on the third floor. This way, you can dispose of the diapers and wipes without the horrific smell that follows. This is also great for the diaper bag so you don’t offend your party hosts with a trash gem!

9. Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Ocean Adventure Gym

It has dangly things, lights and music. Three best things ever, according to infants!

10. Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Soothing Seas Aquarium (x 2)

Again with the lights and music thing. Ethan, especially, loves his “stories” as we call it. The remote is a wonderful feature!

11. Anti-Bacterial Moisturizing Handwash

Obviously, you will wash your hands… a lot! The moisturizer part is key though, everything else just makes your hands cracked and dry.

12. Mesh Laundry Bag

Two weeks ago, my 8 month old washing machine died. The culprit? A baby sock stuck in the pump.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Two (and a half) Months

Hmmmm…. It would appear as though my blogging responsibilities have been lacking as of late. We’ve had a busy month here in the Reed household and we’re hoping to enjoy this little lull before the holidays pick up.

It is amazing how much parenthood can change from day to day. One day, we think we have figured out Olivia and Ethan. The next day, it could be the same for Ethan, but Olivia has decided to go in another direction or vice versa. Such is life with twins.

We have had quite a few milestones since the last bloggy update.

• We have mastered tubby time. It no longer sounds like we’re dipping the babies in battery acid when we start the bath. Bathing is much more lax for all parties involved. Ethan, for one, enjoys dipping his foot over his tub seat into the bubbles.

• We have smiley, happy babies. Their first smiles started around mid-October and every time they give us a grin, it still melts our hearts.

• I went back to work full-time at the end of October. Whereas it was nice to get back into the “real” world and take showers in the morning, it was definitely an adjustment phase for all of us. I am lucky enough to be able to work from home two days a week. The rest of the week, the kids go to their grandparents’ house and end the week at their friends’ Nathan and Emma’s place. Everything seems to be running smoothly so far!

• The babies’ enjoyed their first Halloween. Tootsie Rolls.

• Ethan has shown lactose who is boss and now rocks the soy formula. Olivia won’t be too far behind him.

• Not surprising to us, but Olivia is now the larger of the two….By a whole half pound and quarter of an inch! I told her to enjoy it, as that will not always be the case. Most people look at Olivia and say, ‘Wow, she’s so much bigger! She must weigh more than Ethan!” To use our pediatrician’s words, same recipe, different people. Thank goodness for fraternal twins!

• I have taken on the job of packing up their newborn-sized clothes and moving them onto size 0-3 months. A tad bittersweet.