Wednesday, March 10, 2010

He's OK

Eric’s surgery went well on Monday. There were no complications and the doctors were able to get everything out that they needed. It will be another waiting game to see if it spread though.

Eric is currently still in ICU, but that is really the best place for him to be.

Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers.

Friday, March 5, 2010

All You Need is Love

and a chew toy. 

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

An Announcement

I have written this blog entry over and over again in the past week and each time, I end up deleting it. So I will just cut to the chase, as most of you know the news anyway. If you don’t know what I am talking about….Be prepared.

Eric has cancer.

Ugly, stupid cancer in his liver and he is undergoing a partial liver resection on Monday the 8th at the Cleveland Clinic that will hopefully get rid of his tumor. The past month has been a whirlwind of ER visits, doctor visits, testing and procedures—but we finally got the answers we feared. Now, we just need to fix it. In preparation of this surgery, Eric has undergone a procedure to beef up his left side of his liver so that his recovery is easier on him. He has been a trooper through all this. Eric Reed is my hero.

I actually debated whether or not to broadcast this on my blog about my beautiful twins, as it is a happy place. After talking with Eric, we decided that perhaps posting this will help me in some sort of way.

I feel broken. I am scared for my husband. I am scared for my children. Pretty safe to say I now get less sleep now than when we first brought Olivia and Ethan home. People ask questions I do not have answers for. My husband is thirty-two years old and has cancer. A type of cancer that seventy year-old men get. How f***ed up is that? A month ago, our biggest problem was who was on our guest list for our children’s baptism guest list and now… Well now, everything else seems so trivial.

Eric and I have often been categorized as competitive and stubborn. I firmly believe that those two attributes will get Eric through this time and we will, for lack of better words, kick cancer’s ass. A motto that has transpired over our years together has been “Reeds don’t Lose”. I hope and pray that this will hold true and perhaps one day, a t-shirt will be made in our honor.

I will be back to update Eric’s progress, with some twins updates as well. They are the real super stars on this blog anyway.

I would also like to take this time to thank our family and friends for the love and support they have given us while getting to this point. Olivia and Ethan are well-taken care of and continue to make each day better with their smiles.

Please keep Eric in your thoughts and prayers.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

6 Months (ish)

As it turns out, Olivia and Ethan will only get to celebrate half birthdays every four years on leap day. I am not going to let that stop me from babbling on about our babies. No way!


Our first born. Weighed a half a pound less than her brother at birth. Didn’t cry when she was born. Surprised me and most of my side of the family, with her light-colored hair and beautiful blue/green/gray eyes. Has the pinchiest cheeks ever. Has a temper. Loves Kori, our cat. Has always been a very good burper. Not a fan of carrots. Loves car rides, but gets upset if you go under 50 mph. Her middle name, Langley, is also my middle name after my fraternal grandmother’s maiden name. Loves her Daddy’s funny sounds. Never really took to a binkie. Rarely fights a nap or bedtime. Much rather sleep in her crib than cuddle with someone. Loves to watch Dora and Cash Cab. Doesn’t find the humor in many things like her brother does. Wants whatever toy Ethan has. Looks pretty darn cute in the color pink. Is really starting to form her own personality lately and we have a feeling she will be a handful.


Younger than his sister by a minute. Was very angry when he was born. Has a slight ginger-tint to his hair making him look like his Daddy. Has these amazing brown puppy dog eyes, which will probably get him far in life. Loves his binkie and can almost get it in his mouth and actually let go of it. His first smile was at a 4:00 AM feeding when he was 6 weeks old. Is definitely the sensi of our family. His middle name, Roger, was the name of Eric’s grandfather. Is super ticklish under his armpits. He is nicknamed, “Mr. Half Hour” because his naps rarely go over thirty minutes. Will cry if Olivia is crying. Loves to snuggle. Lets Olivia play with all their toys first and then, he will start to play with them. Loves to jump! Is an early riser. He is perfectly content lying on the floor on his back, kicking his legs. Rubs his eyes when he is tired. Loves to talk to his sister during playtime and make her smile.

And finally, we will leave you with a tender moment.  Ethan trying to make Olivia laugh, unsuccessfully.  She's one tough cookie!

Here's to another amazing 6 months!