Saturday, August 29, 2009

They're here!

I don't have any info yet, but Ethan and Olivia are here! I just got word on Blackberry Messenger. I will update as soon as I know more! Happy Birthday Babies!

**edited to add**

Olivia - 5lbs 7oz 18 inches long 9:26am
Ethan - 6lbs 18 inches long 9:27am

Ethan decided to wrestle the umbilical cord and get it loosely wrapped around his neck but is fine. Both are in the regular nursery and looking great! Mom is doing great and chatting on BBM already! Crackberry-head! I am awaiting some pictures and will post them as soon as I have them!

Any minute now...

Going live!

Hello bloggy blog world. Some of you may know me, some of you may not. I am Tiff, aka The Baby Luc's momma. I have been given the great privilege of keeping you all informed of Colleen's progression with the twinsies when the day comes.

Well. That day is FINALLY here!! I can't lie and say that my hands aren't shaking right now out of pure excitement. They are straight trying to detach themselves from my body.

I got THE text. The one I have been waiting for. Her water broke at 5:15am this morning. 5 days shy of eviction day. I would like to think that I was the one who made them decide to come out and play. You see, last night we went to dinner and I tried to lure them out with a chocolate covered s'more. OR it could have been the fact that we were browsing around in an extremely expensive baby clothing store? Maybe the Reed kids have expensive tastes? I don't know. We shall see! Stay tuned!

They might make it to Mason's party after all!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Oh, that's right...

……I am a blogger again. Which means, I should not let thirteen days lapse between posts. Honestly, it was probably for the best that I did not because I would just sound like a negative Nancy and would have been cyber- flamed. Obviously, no outside babies yet. At this point, I realize that they will be here shortly, but I need to find things to do to keep my mind off going crazy at the moment. Enter, FAVORITE THINGS!

This post’s Favorite Things include the items I am looking forward to once the babies arrive. Yes, yes. I am aware of the whole cooing, loving and cuddling we will get to have with the babies, but I am talking about things that this mom has been missing.

1. Jeans. With zippers. When I put on my first pair of maternity jeans way back in February, I remember saying, “Why would anyone want to wear regular jeans again?” Comfy time is over, panels make an annoying sound, make me sweaty and I am ready to step back into the world of the normal.

2. My favorite t-shirt. I am far too rotund to wear any of my t-shirts and have been living in E’s for months now. Love the whole idea of “being closer to the man I love” and all, but I feel like a house. A good 2,500 square footer at that.

3. My new Browns jersey. I bought it at the end of last year’s season and my goal is fit into it by the end of this season. One can dream, right? Hopefully, Cribbs doesn’t leave us in the meantime.

4. Photography. I am itching to get back out there and get my little business on the move again.

5. Beer. I realize this may make me look like an alcoholic, but, I miss the option to have a beer with dinner. Or a beer after a long day. Or a beer with some friends. Judge all you want, at least there is not a cancer causing nicotine stick in the picture.

6. Shoes. With laces. I have never been much a flip flop fan, unless I had on capris. This entire summer, I have worn flip flops with anything I am wearing. Jeans, capris, comfy pants. Pedicures are a necessity I wish I could afford weekly.

7. My wedding rings. Not only do I miss the only jewelry I wear, but I get judgmental looks from the little old lady in Dairy Queen. Really Lady? Have you never had children before?

8. My watch. I have always been obsessed with watches and have worn one everyday since I was at least eight years old. My little, water retaining wrists make it impossible to wear a watch with out obscene swelling around said watch. Not pretty.

9. More shoes. With heels. This one would probably go along with # 1 and # 5, mixed in with some Girls’ Nights with some of my favorites.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Picture Post

Notice a theme, if you will.

August 11, 2006. In the middle of the ocean in Maine while whale watching and eating lobster rolls. I was quite excited to cheer, "One year until we're married!"


August 11, 2007. 700 days from engagement to wedding day; we had made it. Hands down THE best day of my life.


August 11, 2008. Celebrating our one year anniversary cupcake style!


August 11, 2009. ::Insert a nice family photo of me, E and the babies.:: Probably not going to happen, but I believe it is time for some outside partying... Dontchathink?

Happy 2nd Anniversary to E. It just keeps getting better. Also, Happy Anniversary to my life-long date twins (hahaha..twins. Another sign?) Tiff and Laura!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Day One of Captivity

I suppose today officially starts my stint as a SAHM. Well, until my time is up according to my short-term disability guidelines anyway. As of Friday, Dr. R has pulled me out of work to rest as much as possible. I must admit, it was rather strange to wake up this morning and not grunt the obligatory, “Ugh. Monday.”

In other exciting Dr. R news, he sent me for a non-stress test on Saturday to check on my kids as 36 weeks is a long time for twins to go. I will admit, there was a little bit of me that kind of hoped the doctors would decide to take them that day. (Flame away, Haters. I dare you.) To no avail, my kids were quite content with their inside home and pretty much informed the world that they would be staying inside forever. However, we did get a run through of getting to Labor & Delivery at our hospital, so….score. This is where I tell you I am so glad they have decided to remain inside babies for the time being. Really.

Also, in Friday’s appointment, I was referred to a sleep specialist as apparently, I stop breathing in my sleep. To tell you the truth, I am really not concerned with it at this point. Sleep apnea is fairly common in pregnancy and should go away after the 12 pounds or so of babies are lifted off my organs. All I can do is hope it goes away after the babies arrive. Along with the carpal tunnel too. Oh and the itchy skin. This, by the way, has definitely put the nail in the coffin about not having any more kids. Nothing worse than scratching your skin so badly until it is raw and bleeding. Really.

Folks, this is why I opted not to blog about pregnancy. Tis not pretty. I am also fairly certain that those women that “love being pregnant” and have no discomfort at all, sniff glue.

I will leave you today with E’s decorating skills for Ethan’s crib. Will tomorrow be a Two for Tuesday Birthday/Anniversary?!?!?


Tuesday, August 4, 2009


You know those parents that say, “I will never do _______________ with my kid.”? Well, I am not an official outside parent yet and I already caught myself eating those words.

Back in the day, when I assumed I had a singleton baby growing in me, I always had a feeling it was a girl. Call it mother’s intuition or whatever, but since the day the test turned positive, I was sure we were going to have a daughter.

There was one problem; I am adamantly against the color pink. Personally, I don’t have anything against pink; in fact, I find it to be a fun color. I am just not a pink person. I have tried it, not for me. When I thought about the possibility of having a daughter, all I could think of is the over-indulged, Pep to-influenced pink stuff I would get. It was a slight progression in knowing that my possible daughter would be wearing pink, because let’s face it; a majority of the clothes made for infant girls only come in pink. However, I did announce that she would not, under any circumstance, have a pink room.

Then, we found out we were having boy/girl twins. Total game changer. Now, I find myself migrating to the pink because I don’t want people to think I have two boys. Since the babies are sharing a room for now, there are some hints of pink, but still no overly cute, pretty princess, pink stuff.

Colleen – 0: Society - 1