Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Who Has 4 Thumbs...

and are ONE month old today?

These guys!

I know I have behind on blogging, but hellllloooooo... I have 2 babies. Two very wonderful babies. The past month has been a blur. A blur of feedings, diaper changes, tears, binkies...And that's just between E and I. People were not kidding when they said, "your whole world is about to change."

A change for the better I would say.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Week 3 and the Lessons We have Learned

1. Being militant with the twins’ schedule is key. If it means kicking out grandparents, missing the end of the game or pushing through it when you’re dead tired- you have to do it. Otherwise, you will kick yourself the next day when the babies are more delusional than the parents.

2. Tubby time IS the end of the world. Really.

3. Showers for the parents every other day is probably considered a plus at this point. Who cares if you’re in there at 5:00 AM for 45 minutes?

4. Your laundry no longer matters. In the 23 days my kids have been alive, I have done 15 loads of their laundry and 2 of ours.

5. I am pretty sure the Sound Machine that plays at bedtime helps put not only the twins to sleep, but soothes us over the monitor as well.

6. Just because E and I are photographers, doesn’t mean we have a ton of pictures of our kids. 2 of them and 2 of us. Unless we train Kori on the Nikon or learn to shoot with our toes, pictures are surprisingly hard to come by. Or, when I do attempt it Night and Day (aka Olivia and Ethan) have a plan of their own.

7. Caffeine. Keep it coming.

8. Ethan looks at me like my father when he’s angry.

9. Olivia is officially OFF the market!

10. Finally, E and I got out, for a whole afternoon! Best remedy for 2 new parents? Football, sun and beer.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hello World

I keep trying to tell my kids to give me a minute so I can blog. To my surprise, they just do not care. ::sigh:: In fact, I started to work on this little entry about four, five, six, seven days ago.

I would like to give a very special thanks to Tiff, who was in charge of the updating the blog during the delivery for everyone. If we had planned it better, I would not have gone into labor at 5:15 in the morning on a SATURDAY, but, planning is now something I laugh at.

First off, three cheers for no longer being pregnant! Hip, hip, HOORAY! All the old wives tales of getting yourself into labor failed. What did work? California Pizza Kitchen, shopping for ‘spensive baby clothes and a bribe of s’mores from the aforementioned Tiff. Or, it could have been my 2:00 AM viewing of Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion since I couldn’t sleep. Who knows. Babies wanted out and I didn’t fight it.

What seemed like about thirty seconds later, we were a family of four. I absolutely love this picture because you can see that E is smiling even though he has a mask on, Olivia is being her calm self, Ethan thinks the world is ending and I look happily doped up and am rocking a drunken pirate eye. Alas, we are the Reeds.

We've been home for thirteen days. In those thirteen days, we have learned the following:

* Everything is trial and error. Apparently, those user manuals for babies do not come out after the placenta.
* Boys need their little peeps tucked under when diaper changing. We have been through three brands of diapers for Ethan alone. Recently, we are back to brand # 1
* Never turn down free help; we certainly do not. The love and support we have received from family and friends have been amazing. Whether it's a warm meal or the chance for us to take a nap, we have taken everyone's offer.
* We love to watch their little personalities evolve. While pregnant, E and I would often sit and wonder what the babies would be like. Well, take all of our predictions and reverse them.
* We have proven that we make an excellent team. Since the day I gave birth, E and I have been there not only for our babies, but for each other. You really do need to work together and be each other's biggest cheerleader or else it will all crumble.
* Normalcy? Out the window.

Hope to be back blogging at a better pace, now that we are starting to establish routines. We will have many more photos, as we are getting a lot quicker these days.