Monday, September 20, 2010

The Shirt Says it All...

My wonderfully animated husband is wearing this shirt because today we found out that Eric is a CANCER FREED REED!!!

E completed chemotherapy on September 8th and recently followed up with a scan last week.  After one hell of a nail biting weekend, we received the great news this morning!  E will continue on with a round of radiation and oral chemotherapy soon, because...why not?  In fact, E's new favorite analogy about the doctor is... 'Well, you reacted pretty good when we stabbed you, let's see what happens when we shoot ya." 

So here we are 7 months later... What a ride, Reeders, what.a.ride.   Just you people wait for the sappy post in regards to this whole ordeal.  But for now, we just wanted to share the news.

What's next for the Reeds you ask?  Vacation.  More timely blog posts.  Lot's of smiles and a ton of gratitude.

P.S.  Thanks to Leslie for the shirt :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

One Year Down...

We made it!  Pardon me for not being more preapred with a year in review post quite yet, but I DID get their 12 month photos done the day BEFORE their birthday.  Only took me a year to catch up.   For now, photos will have to do.