Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hospital Necessities

Having a baby or babies soon? I started thinking about the items I wished I had in the hospital after Olivia and Ethan were born. Despite the fact, that we were in there for 5 days, I can finally look back on it 11 months later. I suppose my baby brain is finally starting to dissipate, if that is possible. Obviously, there will be some no-brainers included, but you’d be surprised as to what you forget or don’t even think about.

1.) Baby wipes. I didn’t bring these and really, one would think that hospitals would provide some. However, all they have us were paper towel-esque sheets and told us to wet them. Poor Ethan had a small irritation on his face by the time we went home. This was something I could have told E to bring from home during our stent, but it just didn’t cross my mind.

2.) Baby clothes. I had 2 outfits ready for the babies to wear home, but didn’t bring anything else. Nothing worse than having boy/girl twins and having to tell people which one is which. Hell, who am I kidding? ‘Til this day, we can still be out with the babies, dressed head to toe in color-specific clothing and people still ask, “Which one is the girl?”

3.) Camera. Or cameras in our case. Since I knew I was having a c-section, I didn’t want E to have to take our larger camera into the delivery room. So our first pictures of the kids were on our annoying point and shoot. I seem to remember E and me complaining about the refresh rate while I was getting sewn up post delivery.

4.) Your “you can’t have that during pregnancy items”. Caffeine. Artificial sweetener. Items that caused heart burn. Someone MAY have even brought me a beer during a visit. Just sayin’. * Ok, I turned it down considered my blood was still getting checked and I didn’t want the nurses to think I was some addict. The thought was greatly-appreciated though.

5.) Pack your layers. I had babies at the end of August—one would think you would be warm. Well, my c-section brought on an array of different body temperatures.

6.) Car seat and base. Make sure you have these installed before you are due or even a month before you are due. Luckily, we have a friend who is the car seat bully, so we were all set. Since Olivia was under 6 pounds at birth, our hospital required she undergo a one-hour car seat test the night before they would discharge us.

7.) Mid-pregnancy clothes. I dropped 32 pounds of baby, water and supposed weight before we left the hospital. I only had my super, OHMYGAWD you haven’t had those things yet clothes and my pants were sliding down my butt when we left. By no means was I slender, but definitely not as rotund as my arrival. Also include in this, different shoes. My feet dropped 2 sizes from Saturday to Wednesday.

8.) Comfy sleeping clothes. Namely ones with a soft midsection. Because this will be the last time you will ever be able to send your kid to a nurse for the night (well, when it is your choice). I will also put it this way; the night nurses are there for a reason. Don’t be a hero, get some sleep.

9.) Baby books. A GREAT idea, to make sure you get all those “firsts” in there. I, however, just let mine sit on the nightstand. Like I said a GREAT idea in theory.

10.) Cell phone charger. Because you all know you will be blowing up.