Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mayday, Mayday. We've Been Hit!

I apologize for the lack in posts, especially since I had been on quite a roll. Well, we made it 11 months sans major illnesses for the babies other than some pewp eye and sniffles.

That was of course, until about two and half weeks ago. It started off so simple, Olivia cut her first tooth and therefore, was having some typical teething “symptoms”. I put that in quotations because there are apparently some arguments that some doctors believe that all teething brings is a tooth and nothing else. Grain of salt much? But then Ethan started to get the symptoms and no teeth. Uh oh. I think the kids got themselves a little bug gigantic a-hole insect.

So let me put this nicely. Two sick kids and trying to keep a husband healthy sucks hard. Thank goodness for our team of help that were able to keep E out of the loop so that he didn’t get whatever the kids had. As of this morning, I really think we are on the mend and god-willing the kids and I will catch up on some sleep.

By the way, Olivia has cut three teeth in the last two weeks. Guess that is our payback for having late bloomer teethers.

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